Craig Bottomley-High

Eight years ago Craig went with his partner to watch her have her eyebrows cosmetically tattooed using micropigmentation.

After the procedure, looking at the finished result, he knew then I could do so much better. With his background in creative design, symmetry was paramount to him. After spending a few months researching the best places for training, he went to train with the Finishing Touches Group.

Although he loved creating great brows, lips and eyeliners successfully in over 10 salons, he felt he was still missing something. Craig then discovered scalp pigmentation two years later.  It was still a relatively new service and he could see that some of the pigments being used had no retention, bad migration or the equipment and needles were not exactly suitable to create a replicated follicle look. While researching he came across a few good examples of SMP but surprisingly a very high number of poor and unprofessional results.


Working closely with Dawn at Finishing Touches, Craig came to the conclusion that the one pioneering and most respected leaders in the SMP field was Matt Lulo from Scalp Micro USA. His 32 shade non-migrating colour retaining system was exactly what Dawn and Craig were looking for. Having seen his incredible results, Craig knew he was the man to train with, and has now furthered his career in scalp micropigmentation and has become a competent trainer.