Dawn Forshaw – Finishing Touches

“Dawn’s passion for all things semi-permanent makeup related began in 1996 when she founded Finishing Touches originally as a clinic offering cosmetic and medical tattooing treatments.

21 years later, and Finishing Touches is now a leading provider of training and supplies in the semi-permanent tattooing industry. Dawn’s expertise in the industry has led her to promoting semi-permanent makeup, scalp micropigmentation, and medical tattooing as a keynote speaker at leading industry conferences, including BAAPS, BAPS, ORBS and BASO, as well as lecturing throughout Europe and the USA. In 2016, Dawn celebrated 20 years in the business and was crowned with the Life-Time Achievement Award at Micropigmentation UK. Her passion for the industry means Dawn lives and breathes semi-permanent makeup, and is constantly on the lookout for new and interesting procedures and treatments that can be added to the repertoire of training courses that Finishing Touches provides – “I enjoy the workshops we hold both in the UK and overseas. I am a relentless networker – its hard drinking all that wine and eating all those 3 course dinners!”

Finishing Touches have consistently been able to stay ahead of the curve in the micropigmentation industry. Dawn attributes their longevity and success to the after-care and support that they offer trainees throughout their semi-permanent makeup careers – “I am overwhelmed by the skill of my team, whose procedures and office support make Finishing Touches a great place to work. As they say, ‘there is no “I” in team’”. As well as this, Finishing Touches are quick to react to market trends, because they are also a manufacturer and supplier of products, and are always the first in the market to launch new products and procedures. Dawn knows how to connect with her trainees and bring out their potential; “We work in three main sectors, from training beauty therapists to surgeons. Every trainee has a strength which we maximise.”she notes. All of this has ensured Finishing Touches continuing longevity and stature in the industry.

Dawn remains grounded, despite global success and exposure, claiming she never expected Finishing Touches to be as successful as it is –“I learnt semi-permanent make-up many moons ago to tattoo eyebrows on my hair loss clients. We now lecture worldwide!”