Sarah Colton -Permanent makeup specialist and nouveau contour educator

From the age of 5 I dreamed about being a hairdresser and owning my own salon and at the age of 13 I got my first dream job of a Saturday girl at a hair salon until I left school at 15 and started my apprenticeship in the same salon.

By the time I was 16 I was fully booked on the salon floor and by the age of 18 was encouraged to go self-employed within the salon. By the time I hit 21 the salon came up for sale and I was in a very lucky position to be able to buy it.

I had 13 staff members and loved every minute until….. I decided to broaden my creative horizons and train in permanent makeup!

Approximately a year into my journey I got a call from asking me if I had any interest in joining the training team as an assistant trainer, I jumped at the chance and was very excited to think that I was working alongside such great artists.

My clinics got busier and busier through word of mouth and the use of social media, I am currently working on a 6 months waiting list and tattooing up to 30 sets of eyebrows a week!

I absolutely love my new career and adore working with the amazing team we have. It’s something I could have only dreamed of just 5 years ago!