Terence Jones – Skalptec

Terence Jones is the founder and lead practitioner at Skalptec, one of the UK’s leading hair replacement companies.

After months of researching Scalp Micropigmentation, Terence travelled to the USA to undergo specialist training in this area with Scalp Aesthetics. It was while doing his training that he started to receive very complimentary and encouraging remarks about his work. His confidence continued to be boosted by this and he soon realised that he had the capability to become a good practitioner.

After completing his training Terence secured a part time position at the Lido Centre, a small company in Jersey dealing mainly with referrals from the local hospital from people suffering with trauma, transplant, scars and alopecia. While here Terence learned a lot about working with scar tissue and is where he credits learning his trade. After twelve months of work at the Lido Centre, he decided the time was right to make his next move and started his own company Skalptec Limited in Liverpool.

Terence was approached by Scalp Aesthetics USA, to say that they where expanding their business into the UK. Furthermore, they had been following his progress, where very impressed with his work and offered him a partnership. Realising the enormity of the offer, he graciously accepted. From there on in Skalptec went from strength to strength and within six months had opened a second location in Newcastle and are soon to open additional locations in Bristol opening in February and have plans to start a new Skalptec franchise in the Netherlands early next year.

Terence Jones is considered one of the country’s leading names in Scalp Micropigmentation.