Vicky Martin

Vicky has over 17 years’ experience in micropigmentation and body tattooing, having started permanent make up and tattooing in 2000. In 2006 Vicky travelled to the USA to learn medical tattooing and thereafter undertook every training course she could in London, USA and Europe.

In 2010, Vicky became a trainer for a micropigmentation company based in London, before starting her own training school with her sisters in 2012.

Vicky is constantly learning and taking classes, learning new styles every year.

With her 3D Areola (VICKY MARTIN METHOD VMM™), Vicky has mixed her learnt worldwide techniques, with her tattooing background to create her own unique method. Vicky has tried many different techniques on her own body, as well as creating a super realistic VMM® breast mould to practice on.

Vicky is very passionate about her medical work and believes cancer survivors deserve the best medical tattooing at the end of their long and tough journey.

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows, believe and stand tall”